DP Engineering: G5 Release

A. Redesigned Low-Profile Clamping Feedneck B. Subsonic Bolt Engine C. Power Button/Programming D. Stealth Profile RAPS ASA E. Unibody Low-Pressure Stinger Frame F. Wave Trigger G. Eye Cover H. RIPTIDE Regulator (OPR) I. DP Single 13″ Barrel Length: 19.4inches / 493.4mm Height: 7.9inches / 202.9mm Weight: 820g / 1.8lbs (w/ battery) Operating Pressure: 200psi/280fps DP Engineering continues to strive for the exceptional design, combined with the standards of today’s players. DP’s years of experience in craftsmanship & intricate design brings forth a high quality marker, loaded with features such as the Stinger Frame, Wave Trigger, Subsonic Bolt Engine, & Riptide Regulator. DP is proud to proclaim the intricacy in design, simplified by Engineering, the all new G5. Staying ahead of the curve. The G5’s Unibody Frame, Milled from high-grade Aluminum, houses the Inline reinforced hose-free design. The Stinger Frame includes an improved reinforced frame-structure to accurately fit frame-to-body. Cutting edge technology, stamped with ingenuity. In-line Pressure Frame, hose-free design New Style Frame, Slim & Beveled contour Improved reinforced frame structure to accurately fit frame to body. Aggressive Trigger Guard & Frame The Engineer’s of DP invigorates the Riptide Regulator. A superior design, the Riptide Regulator’s Internal components are compact, durable, and light weight. The Riptide Regulator utilizes the riptide technology & is comprised of only a 7 stationary O-ring Build. Compact & Durable Components Light weight OPR Internals Riptide Technology Operation 7 O-Ring System Regulation System The G5’s Subsonic Bolt Engine high performance is combined with a high efficiency. Redefined Bolt & Backcap components generating a fluid motion during bolt-actuation with a low pressure operation of 200 PSI. DP’s Patented Dump-Valve is supported by ingeneously designed breech, generating Anti-Bolt Stick Motion. Redefined Bolt & Back Cap components Low pressure Operation: 200PSI – Efficient by DP’s Standards Ported bolt for pressure through bolt Patent Dump-Valve Design supported with ingenious breach design to generate anti-bolt stick motion. DP Engineers continue to reinvent & improve technologies, such as the Low-Profile Patented Clamping Feedneck. Improved qualities such as a cushioned lever lock, reducing wear. (U.S. Patent – US7252080B2) Low-Profile Patent Clamping Feedneck Cushioned Lever Lock, reducing wear New Locking Nut for increased grip The G5’s Innovative Wave Trigger is fully milled & constructed with dual bearings & critical pivoting motion. The breakaway magnet is assisted with a compression spring, fit for high performance. The Wave Trigger allows fine tuning for increased trigger sensitivity on a 3-Axis adjustment plane. This adjustable plane also grants a, “Zero” side play for extreme comfort & high performance. Full Aluminum Milled Trigger – precise & accurate Magnet Break Away System with Spring assist & return Balanced Trigger, 3-axis...

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