Exalt Fast Feed Install – Spire260

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Exalt Fast Feed - Virtue Spire

Exalt Fast Feed and Rain Cover

The new Exalt Fast Feed for the Virtue Spire is the first speed feed system made for the Spire by a company other than Virtue. This is an important fact to note because it means that the Virtue Spire is being recognized by other companies as a big player in the paintball game. Those of us who have been using the Spire for a long time already know how amazing this hopper is, and now we have another option for our paintball loading needs.

The Exalt Fast Feed installs into the factory back shell of both the Spire and the Spire260, utilizing its own spring and pin. The factory parts are not modified and can easily be swapped back in if you choose to put your hopper back to stock configuration.

The Exalt Fast Feed includes a snap in rain cover at no additional cost and is a great feature for those of us who play rain or shine. This rain lid was not previously available for the SpireĀ  although HK Army offers it on their Epic Speed Feed for other hoppers on the market.

The feed gate itself is very soft and pliable while its design makes it very good at ball retention. The paint will easily enter the feed gate, and wont fall out, thanks to unit-directional design of the fingers. If you are in a hurry to fill the hopper, or if you want to fill it to absolute maximum capacity the Exalt Feed Gate lifts up and you can access the entire opening of the hopper just as you would with a traditional lid.

There are now a multitude of options for the Spire or Spire260 owner, leave us a comment and let us know which one is your favorite!


Author: ECBallers

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