GI Sportz Pulse RDR Paintball Hopper – Video Overview

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The all new Pulse RDR Paintball hopper from GI Sportz adds several new features not available in a top end paintball loader before. After approximately 5 years of development, the folks over at GI Sportz lent us a pre-production model to test out and give you an overview video.

The feature we where most excited to see is the new RDR Chronograph integrated into the front of the loader’s internal tray. The acronym RDR stands for Reactive Dynamic Radar, and while that all sounds fancy, what it does is even more impressive. The RDR feature allows the user to chronograph their paintball gun anywhere, and multiple tests have confirm that it is accurate and safe gauge of speed so long as you use at least a 14 inch barrel. This means that for the first time you do not have to carry a second piece of gear just to have safe chronograph speeds. The RDR also provides the user with ROF, Balls Shot, Balls remaining and more.

The user interface could not be any simpler, thanks to a super bright rear facing screen. The screen is activated by pressing the two outside buttons on the 3-button panel. This is also the “on/off” sequence for the user. The standard menu shows ball velocity, shot count, and average ROF. The data displayed in this menu can be changed in the settings menu by holding the left button for 5-seconds. There are also settings for battery saving that will limit the amount of time the main screen is lit, this could also be handy for night games where any light source might be a tactical disadvantage.

The Pulse RDR has a unique design that allows the user to press a release button and remove all major drive train components on the field, on the gun without the aid of tools. While this is nothing new in the high end hopper market it is vital to competitive paintball play. The hopper also comes with the GI Sportz version of a speed feed, so users wanting to use the hopper without a lid are in luck, and do not have to purchase this item separately. Unfortunately our test model did not come equipped but we have tested others and found the entry pressure and ball retention to be above average.

All this technology does make the Pulse RDR slightly heavier than the Virtue Spire and Dye Rotor, neither of those hoppers boast the huge number of features with regards to information provided to the player. In use the Pulse RDR comes between the Rotor and the Spire in terms of noise, admittedly none loud enough to be heard over a paintball marker actually firing.

From a competitive standpoint expect to see the Pulse RDR on the top of paintball guns used by teams like Houston Heat, X-Factor t and Art of Chaos for the 2014 season. Each one of these teams is GI Sportz sponsored and two finished in the top 4 in the 2013 World Cup.

Over all we feel the unique features of this hopper land it on the “must buy” list and it is certainly one of the coolest innovations in hopper tech for 2013.

Author: ECBallers

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