GOG Enmey Paintball Gun Review

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Changing the game forever, we have come to expect this from GOG paintball. A true innovator in the paintball industry GOG has changed the game with the newest release of the GOG Enmey. GOG Paintball has done away with the standard internals found in many paintball guns and introduced a ‘wear-less’ design that does not use any metal on metal contact. The BIG deal to all of this is GOG Paintball is so confident in this new design it has offered the first of its kind a LIFETIME WARRANTY on a paintball marker.
Fighting the eNMEy

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GOG Enmey Paintball Gun

Available in 6 exciting colors the Enmey is sure to be a #1 seller this year. No other paintball gun in the world comes with a lifetime warranty. The GOG eNMey paintball gun is available in Racer Red, Razor Blue, Freak Green, Titanium Silver, Rally White and Jet Black. Check out the details of this shooting machine! Using a truly pneumatic design, the GOG Enmey has no sear, no hammer and no metal on metal wear points. This new design is perfect for the any player that uses their paintball gun every weekend or for rental use to cut down on replacement parts cost. The vertical regulator also gives the marker the option of being used with low pressure operation to improve consistency and increase the efficiency of the marker for tournament users. The Enmey runs at 160 psi providing smooth operation and reducing marker kick for better accuracy. The internal pneumatic operation can be run off of either CO2 or HPA and has been engineered to protect internal components from possible pressure spikes seen with liquid CO2 usage. Based on the tournament proven spool valve design, the GOG Enmey gives players speed and accuracy on the field. GOG Paintball has also made the Enmey easy to maintain allowing players to inspect and access both the bolt and the main valve assembly in seconds. The Enmey’s bolt uses a low force cycle, thanks to the low pressure operation, that reduces chops, miss feeds, and bounce while firing. The GOG Enmey Paintball Guns are both light weight and durable being built off of an aluminum frame with a composite outer shell to protect the marker. If you must have electronic firing modes, the GOG eNMey paintball gun does have an E trigger upgrade. Unlike most E triggers, this upgrade is not a sear tripper, and provides players with true electro-pneumatic operation and even a lighter trigger pull.


Features of the new eNMEy include:
• True Pneumatic Design – No hammer, no sear, no metal-on-metal wear points – for field rental use, there are no batteries to worry about.
• Regulated Low Pressure Operation – A vertical regulator stabilizes gas pressure for consistent operation. Running at 160 psi nominal, the eNMEy is consistent and smooth with little to no recoil.
• CO2 Compatible – An integrated relief valve completely protects the valve components from pressure spikes associated with liquid CO2.
• Spool Valve Design – This tournament proven system delivers both speed and accuracy.
• Simple Maintenance – The eNMEy’s main valve and bolt can be removed, cleaned, inspected and reassembled in seconds.
• Low-Force Anti-Chop – The low force behind the eNMEy’s bolt allows it to bounce back from mis-fed paintballs, reducing the chance of a break in the breech.
• Composite/Aluminum Components – With a machined aluminum receiver under a protective polymer shell, the eNMEy is both lightweight and durable.
• Lifetime Warranty to original purchaser – Enough Said. We want you to be confident in your purchase. Some restrictions and exclusions apply. See warranty for details.
• Electropneumatic Upgrade Path – Not to be confused with “sear tripper” electronic grip frames for hammer-and-spring paintball markers, the optional eNMEy electronic trigger upgrade provides true electropneumatic operation for increased rates of fire, more firing modes and an even lighter trigger pull.


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