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Photo Released by Ryan Moorhead

Recently confirmed by Daryl Trent, early February will see the release of the OLED Luxe. The latest installment of the prestigious DLX Technologies brand.

Lots of questions have been raised about the gun, so we have done our own back avenue fact gathering to bring our readers the most accurate up to date information on this new paintball marker.

The Name – DLX has confirmed that this gun will not be officially labeled the 3.0, despite the fact that this would follow their previous method of updating the gun using this nomenclature. They have instead labeled this version of the Luxe the “OLED” this is referring the the integration of an OLED screen and board system to the newest version of the gun.

The Changes – The DLX Luxe’s internal operations will remain virtually unchanged, baring a few immeasurable tweaks more related to production than performance. The major change is the integration of the OLED system into the frame. The OLED readout will be rear facing toward the player very similar to that used by Bob Long in his frames. The board system will retain the use of the famous speaker that has become a much loved feature of the Luxe paintball gun. It is important to note however, that the speaker can be removed and the board will still function without issue – for players that want to mute the gun in favor of using the OLED.

The OLED screen itself will plug into the board, eliminating the need for additional wiring harness or ribbon cables, this means that the un-cluttered nature of the Luxe grip frame will remain intact. The previous “cats eye” shaped button will be replaced by a silver diamond shaped button located below the screen. This is a welcome change as some players did have issues with accidentally pressing the 1.0 button while during play. Changes made to the 2.0 eliminated this issue, but it is good to see DLX continually improving this feature.

The screen being rearward facing means that all current grips produced for the Luxe will continue to fit the gun. The charger, battery, solenoid,and eye ribbon will also remain backwards compatible.

The body will remain the same milling as it has since reaching 2.0 status, the eye securement will not change nor will the milling lines. DLX has continued to innovate with regard to their anodizing process and is set to release some limited runs of the 2.0 and the OLED in the coming months. (unconfirmed)

The OLED will ship with an all new semi-rigid case, with two divided halves. The gun will be stored in one side, and the barrel in the other. The divider flap has space for tools and spares included with the Luxe. Despite speculation, there is no mystery component hidden behind “the flap” as some people had inquired after seeing spy photos of the case.

Check back for our exclusive photos and video.

*We have not included the “spy photos” of the case as they where used without the permission of the manufacturer

OLED Luxe Review

OLED Luxe Paintball Review

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing the new Oled luxe. Dlx has made the top selling high end paintball gun for years. The new Oled luxe should continue that trend.

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